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Oct 15, 2021

Welcome to raise the rank digital marketing podcast, just for roofers, get marketing tips and strategies from Chuck muggy, digital marketer and roofing company owner. Let's start leveling up your roofing company with entrepreneurs that practice what they preach and live what they teach.

All right, Brandon, I think this is number three in our series on internet phone. Booking appointments, running a demo and closing deals. And today we're going to talk about the, basically closing the deal, you know, w we've we've got the phone call, we've got our appointment. What are the difficulties in running that, that demo and closing it?

And how can we convert at a higher percentage? Because I'm going to let you talk about the national closing ratios and the things that we have done for years. To help the PM out there on the ground. And, you know, I'll jump in back and forth with some of the things on the high level that we do to make a PM look better.

But talk to us about getting to that door, the obstacles and the things in the bottom of the barrel closing ratios and things,

Brandon: uh, statistically Google closes, you know, across the country, 30%, three out of 10. So you're going to run 10 deals to get three deals. Typically with Google. Now you got to put that in with all the other Google's statistics, 50% of phone calls for small businesses.

Go on answer. So, you know, that goes along with that. Um, so when you group all those statistics together, you know, really what we're trying to do is not be a statistic. We're trying to get out of that. You know, how do we, how do we try to get those deals to where we can close closer to an 80%? You know, like a referral closing percentage nationally.

So how do we get to that? You know what we, we answer the phone call for sure. We've covered that. We want to make sure that we capture that information. You know, set a good expectation for the homeowner to have them feel those warm fuzzies down inside. Then we want to show up to the appointment, of course, but lead nurturing is going to play a big factor in that for us, you know, getting that client, that information when they need that information.

After we've said it a strong point. Showing that that PM space before they show up, they're giving them a buyer on them, let them know, you know, that Chris has children and he likes to fish and hunt. You know, the guy's going to love that and they already have something. He already feels like, you know, something, you know, or letting them know that that Sarah has got three children and that she worked in banking for 10 years before she got into roofing.

Cause you just run into all kinds of crazy backgrounds. These people want to know who's coming to their house. And that lead nurturing is definitely gonna help them feel closer to us and get us closer to that referral percentage. Anything we can do. To show up and have that homeowner, because the point of the appointment when we present is to build that confidence and to get them to open up to us a little bit more, to set herself up as the expert to educate them.

But before that, we want to do that. That's a given for everybody. But before we do that, what do we do differently to soften all of that, to soften those blows? You know, that, that's the things that I think we're really talking about here today. How did those phones help you soften the blow for when the PM shows up?

How does that lead nurturing, you know, help soften the blow? How does, how does that personality on the phone taking that information and schedule that appointment professionally soften the blow. So when the PM gets there, they just have to do a little less. We want to do it all, but if we have to do a little less, it just makes it that much better at the end.

We just come up that much more ahead.

Chuck: Well, you definitely want to have somebody answering that phone that does have some personality. Yeah, the are job, but the main thing is, is to get in and out of the, the phone call, booked the appointment. But the main thing was just book the appointment, just get the appointment on the task out, or get it, get it to a PM and get a, get a ping him out there.

Now the things that that are going to lead to a higher closing ratio is one looking for. When you answer that call and yesterday, that person is envisioning the prospect when they're on that phone is they can see who they're talking to. Even though they can't see them, they're seeing it in their mind.

They're seeing whether they're smiling and happy and that they liked their job. You can tell when somebody likes her job now, so we've got that to deal with. Then we want to be serving that person. And this is important, guys. We want to be serving that. Uh, a welcome email. We want to be serving them who is coming, like what brand is talking about.

They need to see, they need to make a connection. They need to see the face of that person before they get there. We're going to give them a buyer. We're going to give them a video. And the video is going to say, well, okay, well, why you should be working with me here? Here's the things about me and my company.

And then we're going to be. Google reviews and work. We're going to get into reviews more because that's getting into Google my business. Of course, you know, that's my number one topic. I love it. It's the number one thing, you know, you might have a lot of trucks. You might have a handful of equippers. You might have a ton of tools and you might have a fancy office, but I can tell you right now, your number one asset is your Google my business.

So that helps get the phone call. Can we got to take the phone call now? We've got to close that deal. So. We want to get on up to that 80% of closing. Yeah. We're not going to do it going out there. And blue jeans, shorts, and just a t-shirt. You got to look the part we'll get into that in another one, but to kind of summarize this one.

Yes, it's a little harder to close a Google deal than it is a referral. Heck is it's easier in a lot of cases, Brandon, I would say to close the door, knocked in a Google review because you're either going to closing or not on the door knock, but you might be outside of.

Brandon: That's a fair point, but you could be upset at guerrilla next to a door back to check. And this, this is a really good point. I'm really glad you brought this up because it doesn't matter if there's a gorilla next door. When you knock on the door and I'm speaking from experience. When you knock on that door, I would stalk houses.

I'm telling you I was them. I would ride by it. I've seen them. One was there. I knock and I would figure out when they're home, I would pump. I'm telling you. And I feel like if we converted that type of energy into these phone calls, you know, Laser-focused with these phone calls. That could be a gorilla knocking behind me.

But if I knocked that door and I did everything I was supposed to do, and I scheduled that appointment, it didn't matter what he did when he came in. Not they weren't looking anymore and it's not going to be exactly the same, but you know, how do we use, how do we get this laser focus with the phones and how do we use all of the national statistics and just the way people are and the way things are to our advantage?

You know, we answer the phones because 50% of the rest of the people, aren't going to answer the phones and the ones who do answer the phones are going to answer that. That

Chuck: was a great thing. You just said 50 plus percent of the other companies are not going to answer the phone. So that right there helps you by 50%.

So that, that was an excellent statistic.

Brandon: You just gotta be better than the other half. You just gotta be better than the other half. It's going to suck less than them.

Chuck: That's the way it is an SEO as well. You don't mean you don't have to be the best in the country. You just have to be the best in your market.

So you've got those things. So yeah, I mean that good stuff. I mean, again, it leaves with the phone call because if you don't do the phone call, right, you're starting off, off balanced and that's not a good place to be. All right. Well, we're going to get into some other ones and we're going to talk about some referrals and some other things here in the next week,

Brandon: 10 referrals.

We get more referrals for me, views. And how do we get more reviews from referrals

Chuck: and you really getting into what I like to talk about? So I tell you what, let's, let's jump into that one next week. Cause I love that stuff.

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