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raisetherank's podcast

May 26, 2021

Welcome to podcast number eight. And our last podcast on Google My Business. So today, and let me go ahead and say, you know, I blew podcast number six for it and jump that one into number seven, but I throw a bunch of stuff into number five. That was number six. And I also threw a bunch of stuff in number seven and ended up getting long winded and not even telling you, but this one was going to be about.

So, you know, last week, Uh, I was supposed to tell you that we're going to talk about LSA and a new feature, a huge feature that Google steaks and start doing in your GMB profile. And this is trust me when I tell you this is going to be huge. Now it's going to drop like a thud on you as soon as a day, what the name of it is, but what Google is doing now on your GMB profile is.

Doing what's called upgraded GMP profile. Okay. That's right. Is a hubbub, but you know, here's the thing. Thanks. What that means is, and we're going to talk about Google LSS ads or local service ads. First, and the reason for that is because both related to one another, and my thoughts on that are they're going to be really deeply related.

So let's talk about Google local service, as far as you know, this is something that not very many roofing contractors are taken advantage of yet. And I've even seen some markets where there's none in it. Oh, I've got a client in a market where there was not anybody taking Benj that this is something that's huge guys.

The local service ads. And if somebody out there is going to check, that sounds like the Google guarantee program is exactly right. That is the, the horizontal three pack of ads that are at the very top of the page. That is right above the Google. What used to be called Google paper click or paid PPC is called Google ads now, which is a vertical three pack this right below it.

So it has pushed the PPC. Down the page and it's also pushed the local pack down the page. We talked about that in a couple of podcasts prior. So what is it? Google LSA with Google care T program. Is a huge thing because it's your one. You're up at the very top of the page too. You're actually getting a background check and your Google guaranteed.

You got the Google check Mark that shows a potential customer that you are guaranteed by Google. Now there is a huge misconception about what's going on there and I'll talk about that too. But the Google guarantee program is going to be related to the upgraded GMB profile. Because the upgrade GMB profile is going to do the same thing.

I think it's going to give you that Google guarantee badge inside of your GMB profile. So when somebody is on Google maps and they're looking in there, you pull up in a three pack and there's three of you guys, and you're the only one that's got the upgrade GMB profile. There's no data yet that says that the click through rate is going to increase for you.

But I guarantee you it's going to, that is going to be a conversion tool right there. Now that is $50 a month for the upgraded GMB profile, but let's back up to the LSA and why I'm doing it. First one, there's not very many roofing contractors taken care of or taken advantage of it too. My thoughts are because, and I will get to this.

And just a minute, the things we know and things we don't know about it yet, but you got to be screened or your background check by Google. And that's when you're going to get that Google guarantee badge. And that is 100%. The reason I told you guys about this first. So let's talk about what I do know about it, right?

This minute, it will cost you $50 per month per profile, technically is unannounced and the test. This is an upright, a profile that will add the guarantee badge to your listing on your GMB profile. Google guaranteed is not new. It's just new in the GMB profiles. You will not see this in your GMB dashboard unless you are pre approved right now only a few GMBs are actually pre-approved to get approved.

You must go through the screening process much the same as the LSA approval. And that's why I mentioned that. Okay. So what does all this mean? First? Let me say a highly recommended you do this just as soon as you see it in your dashboard is $50 a month. The raising the site per profile, it goes, if you've got two or three locations, it's going to be $50 per location, but this is huge guys.

It's almost $600 a year. And I feel that it's going to be a huge. Factor in conversions when a customer sees that on the internet. So that is my first thing is as soon as you see it jump right on. Okay. As far as being unannounced in a test, it, Google does this kind of stuff all the time. I think that that's probably just a roll it out slowly.

Because think about it. They got 40 million G and BS in America. Google can't handle that all at one time. I mean, that's a lot of stuff coming out. They did the same thing with the, unless I, as they started out and I think it was in San Francisco, certainly California, and they tested it there. And then in what's bigger markets like Houston and stuff like that.

And then they rolled it out across the country, but it took a couple of years to get it. All the way across the country. And it didn't even hit all verticals at the same time. And the reason for that is they couldn't handle it. They were having to staff that thing up. So that's just another product for them.

Okay. Let me tell you about the LSA right quick while we're talking about this. Most people have an absolute misconception about what the Google guarantee really is. If you act locally, get a background check from Google and you have to pass that before. They'll do this with you. Now, most people think that if you put on a $15,000 roof, Google's guaranteeing everything.

That is, it couldn't be any farther from the Google has got a $2,000 limit on this and that's a lifetime lease. And it's only in the U S and Canada, as far as I know now. Yes. I also believe that if Google takes a hit on you, they're probably gonna kick you out of it immediately. But I can tell you, you hit that $2,000 cap and there you're out of there because Google does not take very many losses for very long.

So there's that, but you could take it back. And the fact that most people have completeness the conception of what this thing is. So think about it. You said that, you know, but if they ask you, you need to be, to be honest, it is absolutely not guaranteeing a $15,000 roof or even a $3,000 repair. Now, if it's a small repair, yeah.

It might be. But there there's even stipulations on that way down to if they don't book that appointment through Google, there is no guarantee whatsoever. So just because they see the Google guaranteed either in your GMB profile or either on the SERP page search engine result page, that does absolutely does not mean that they're backing you up.

Okay. As far as Google guaranteed being new, of course, it's not, it's been around with LSA for, I think three years give or take local services, but now it is new in the GMB. Now here's another reason I think that you need to go ahead and, and do the Google local service ads. Not just because you can make money.

Everybody that I've got in, it is making good, the money behind it. The conversions are much higher than they are with just regular PaperClick ads. There's no doubt the each call is going to cost you much more money than one hour, your Google ads account, as opposed to, you know, Maybe under $4 a click.

This is going to cost you anywhere from 28. Yeah. To get maybe as much as 55. Oh, there's a click depending on how aggressive the market is that you're in. But if you're LSA approved already, that means you've already been through the screening process. What my thoughts are on it. They're saying if you're not pre approved, it won't even be in your dashboard.

Okay. My thoughts are, if you're Google guaranteed, then you've already been through the screening process. It's probably going to ride off of that one and not even have to do anything else. Probably. So if you're Google LSI, Google guaranteed. I think you're much more likely to see this thing in your dashboard much sooner.

I think that it's going to be a wow. If you're not Google guaranteed already. And why? Because they've got it ton of them that are already out there. It's going to be so much easier, faster to get those enrolled in it. Then it will be for somebody that has not done anything. So think about that. The guys that are Google guaranteed or making more money off of the ad space and.

If they jump on this, Google upgrade a profile. Now they're hitting you with a double whammy, got to get in these things. This is, this is making money right here. Yes. It costs money. But in the roof, if your profit margins or where they need to be, you should be making money. And if the profit margins, aren't where they need to be.

That's the first thing you need to take a look at it. You gotta be making money because we need to be able to go out there and do these advertising things. Now here's another thought of mine. And this is something that I, it could be Tom, Waddington touched on this or somebody else at local youth. You know, we talked about it spam heavily on the first two podcasts.

This could be an attempt for Google to come in and possibly control spam a little bit more, which they're getting a lot of heat from the feds to do. So this could be just another way that you're proving to Google that. Oh, your GMB profile is better than the rest. So, you know, let's, let's go ahead and wrap this one up and wrap the series up with, uh, just a couple of final thoughts.

Oh, we're asset things. What I see with my clients where I see that any roofing company should be. You need to be in all of these advertising channels, you need to be able to call omni-channel. And that means they don't Google be on Facebook. Being on Instagram on YouTube. YouTube is huge right now you need to be advertising with YouTube.

You need to be doing display ads. You need to be doing Google ads, not just being old Google, but you need to be doing the Google ads you need to be. And the Google LSA, I think that's huge. I think you need to be. Google guaranteed. I think that's going to put you into the upgraded GMB profiles faster, uh, and that's where you want to be, because it's not just about cultivating prospects and leads guys.

It is about conversion. If we don't convert, then we don't ever make any money and we need to be doing what's called you'll hear me talk about this conversion optimization. So even after we convert one, we need and optimize that conversion. What do I mean by that? We need to be selling them upgrades. We need to be selling them.

Hip and Ridge, we need to be selling them synthetic theft. If you just do synthetic velvets. I know a lot of, a lot of companies do you need to be, you're sure that you're collecting more for that because you can't just give this stuff away. I've had a client before and it was given away riser Ridge. With OSI and I'm going, man, you, you can't be doing that.

Well, this is helping me get the roof next door. I hear you. But you still can't give that riser Ridgeway. You got to charge for that stuff. You got to make your marketing plans fit that mold because we need to be making more money. So I appreciate you guys hanging with me through this. I hope y'all went from one all the way to eight, even though I skipped one on you.

Sorry about that. If you have any questions, Dan, I'm going to put as much as I can in the show notes, there are limits on the space that I can put text and links in there, but I'm gonna try to put what I can in there, but I'm always going to have a link to a raise, right? Dot com. If you want to jump over there and subscribe.

To our newsletter and stuff that that's going to be some places where I go deeper. And I think I have a lot of pro tips away, which is hard for me to do on something like this. Just, it's just, it gets too long. I think I'm 12 minutes into this one and we'd be an hour on these things. If I got too deep, I appreciate you guys hanging with me.

And if you have any questions, please just get in touch with me.