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raisetherank's podcast

Jan 18, 2021

Welcome to raise the rank digital marketing podcast, just for roofers, get marketing tips and strategies from Chuck Magee, digital marketer, and roofing company owner. Let's start leveling up your roofing company with entrepreneurs that practice what they preach and live, what they teach. Okay. Today we're going to talk about SSA and the calendars that you've got in SSA.

What you've got as many as you want. You know, a lot of companies will have a repair calendar and a crew calendar. You know, if you've got other trades, you may have a site in the calendar, you could also have fencing all your trades. You can have a calendar for yourself. You can, there is no limit to how many you can have.

So some of the things that you're going to quickly be able to see once you log into SSA and let me go ahead and I should have put this in some of the other podcasts I've been doing. But SSA is now, uh, I guess for the past year and a half, we've had, what's called the PWA progressive web app where you have 100% functionality inside of the app.

You don't have to go to the app store anymore. You don't have to go to Google play. It is truly well-based, and it updates anytime. Safari or Chrome or edge, whoever you might be using as your browser, whenever they update that browser, it updates. So, it's really cool. You get 100% functionality, so you can dive straight from the calendar all the way into accounting.

If that's what you're, you know if you're administrative, you can do accounting. You can do it on the phone. You may have to turn your phone landscape. To be able to see everything cause there's a lot going on in the County, but every one of the buttons is there. All the numbers are there, there is nothing that's missing, which is really cool.

So when we get back to calendars, let's talk about the crew calendar and repair calendars and things like that. And some of the things that are on there, obviously we've got the client's name on there. We've got the address on there, got the crew. This is going to be going out to the job you've got, whether the material has been dropped.

Well, uh, excuse me, whether it's been ordered and then you've got, uh, whether it's been dropped on the ground, then you've got, uh, whether you got your credit back, we talked in another podcast about that. And then you can put at the end of that, what that is, whether there's roofing or if it's a warranty, whatever that trade might be.

It could, it could be fencing and remodel. I mean, it could be a lot of different things of whatever you want to put there. It's kind of open. So then you can. Once you're on that monthly or whatever, you can click on it right quick and get a quick pop-up. Then when that pops up, you're going to have your trade.

You're going to have the adjust, the, uh, the job total. Uh, you can have the balance due, then you're going to have, of course, the customer's name. You're gonna have the address, phone number. So you own the home screen of yours. SSA app, you can either go immediately go to Google to get your direct driving directions.

You can click on it and call straight from SSI. They just going to show you who the salesman is going to show you who the crew is, who your crew manager is. If you have one, if not, it could just be understood. It's going to have your start date, then it's going to help. What is really important to your crews is going to have the pitch.

It's going to have a number of squares. It's going to have the shingle color, whether it's, you know, I'm, I'm sitting here looking at one right now, scaffolding. So obviously it's metal. So those are some of the things that are really important to the crew. They will look on there and know what they're going into.

I'm going into a. A two to six pinch and it started with squares as galvalum. So, you know, depending on your crew, we know that we can finish that in a day. So then we've got whether we need a permit materials to again, with the material's been late and it's also got the lead source there. So whether you're a crew, whether you're a project manager or salesman, or whether you're an administration or an owner, there's a lot of information right there in that quick little pop-up.

And what you can do from there. You can dive directly into the job. You can dive into the trade, you can even go straight into accounting. It'll open up counting and a whole nother tab for you. If you want to do something in accounting and then get out of it and go right back to the calendar. So those are some of the cool things that you can do with the calendars.

Uh, obviously you, if you've got. A lot of jobs on there. It's very important to be able to click and drag jobs say you've got four jobs on Monday and you know that it's going to be raining. So you just click and you just drag it over. Uh, some of those functions are really helpful and really cool, so you can quickly move things.

So anyway, the calendars are something that is really, really important. And when I started SSA years ago at this point, You know, the first thing I did, of course, I had in our background also have a roofing company is some of you guys might know, but what I did, I took a picture of a whiteboard with all the jobs in it.

I sent it to my programmer and I said, I want to build us a roof and CRM around this. And it was the job because for me, Own a company. It was important to know where the job was, what's going on with the job because if we don't have jobs and we're not collecting that money on those jobs, we don't have a company.

So the calendar to me has always been the heartbeat of the company and you can get to anything in SSA, you need directly from the calendar. So that's why that is one of the first things that you're going to see when you log into SSA. Your calendars are going to pop up, whether it's going to be your crew calendar, your repair calendar, or whatever you've got going.

That is what you've got to focus on, whether it be in the production part of it, the collection part of it, but that job is how we get paid. So give us a call, Brandon, I'd love to talk to you about SSA, some of the features and functions and see if it's a fit for your roofing company.