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raisetherank's podcast

Nov 11, 2020

Welcome to podcast number three in our eight-part series. It's on GMB today let's Dive a little bit deeper into GMB and just to let you know, our first two videos were quite advanced. And let me tell you how advanced they really were. According to Joy Hawkins who owns Sterling Sky, and that's a digital agency up in Canada.

Just a quick background on Joy. She is probably the foremost expert on Google my business on the face of the planet. And she's one of only a handful of platinum GMB product experts with Google, which means she's got a direct pipeline to Google. She talks to them all the time. I talked to Them some, but I don't have any kind of the clout, like. Joy Hawkins has got, which is really cool. So what joy is talking about is that 64% of digital agencies don't even know how spam pipe. So you guys learned something last week that only about 35% or so of digital agencies even know what to do. And the reason they don't fight spam is cause they don't know what they're doing with it.

So you've got to look and find out how to combat that. Yes. And this is so important where you're going to be getting a lot of business over time. Invest the time with me, somebody somewhere else, but you know, invest the time, learn what's going on. Protect yourself, protect your company, protect your money.

And even though last week were actually the last two videos or podcasts were extremely deep on spam. I needed to cover those first. So you could see what the impact is from spam one. And hopefully, I'm getting across how important your Google my business profile is. So according to Mike Blumenthal, Who's part of that Local U team, but he was also co-founder of Gather Up and we'll talk about Gather Up in some of the ways to gathering up more Google reviews.

But Mike says and has been saying for a long time that your Google, my business profile is your homepage for your website. And I absolutely believe that to the court or inmate it's your website as a roofer is not going anywhere. Of course, people really don't go to restaurant websites anymore or less just say, but even if they come to your Google, my business profile, they're going to dig deeper on you.

And we'll talk about some of the reasons that they're going to dig deep in just a few minutes. So from here on out on this podcast, we're going to backtrack a little bit. And before you get to spam-fighting there are some things that we need to do, but you can spam fight as you're doing these. So the first thing that we're going to do is talk about maintenance, claiming your GMB profile, and some of the things that go along with that.

So let's dive into some general maintenance on here because this is what really, it makes things happen. So the first thing you want to do is you want to make sure that you've claimed. Your GMB listing or your GMB profile. Now, when I was at, uh, Win The Storm and I questioned audience, there was a lot bigger percentage of this than what Google says, the national percentages.

So Google saying that only 44% of SMBs, small to midsize businesses have even claimed their Google my business much less verified it. So when I pose that question out at the, when the storm, it looked like about 75% said that they had done it, which is great. If that was actually. True. So the first thing you want to do is you want to make doggone sure that you've claimed it.

And we'll talk about some real reasons why you want to make sure you've done that. But after you claim it, you also have to verify and cases your GMB is already gonna be there. Possibly. If it's, been an address in the past, Google may already have some things on you. How do they, how could they possibly?

Have I already set up Chuck? Well, if you've done some things, if there are any backlinks to your website, we'll get into what a backlink is later. Google could if that's like a citation because that's how it well used to build them out pack back in the day. Of course, they don't use that anymore. You could actually be there and all you have to do is claim it, verify.

So you want to claim it, verify, and now we want to fully optimize it. And right here is where you're going to need to be able to do a little bit of writing. If you've never written in the past, there are some websites out there where you can hire a freelance writer. Upwork is one that we use. We use other things too, and I have.

Uh, other writers on staff, but when we're kind of busy, I run to Upwork and get some freelancers for certain things. There are all kinds of freelancers out there from writers to graphics, to you, name it. They're there. You just have to be real careful about what quality you're getting. You can get everything from somebody that doesn't have a clue what they're doing, and they just started, freelancing themselves all the way up to somebody that has got.

Thousands and thousands of hours that were paid and you could look at the writings on these people. So, you know, depending on what you're doing and what level of writer you need, but, in your Google, my business, you don't need a great writer. You just need to be able to write. And we'll talk about the things that we're going to need a writer for.

You're going to need a rider for, or that you need to be able to write yourself about your services, your service, what type of services you do, if you're a, or if you're a mover. So you're going to want to talk about that roof installation. This is a place where even though it's not a ranking factor, there's no ranking impact here.

You want to build these services out. Is extensive as you can. And the reason for that is when a prospect is looking at you on your Google, my business profile, they're making a decision, whether they're going deeper with you. So if you don't have your services even sad, or you have nothing about them, and this other guy over here has done a good job of building out his services, then odds are he's going to go with this other person.

Cause if, if somebody is building out there. Services,, they probably take care of trying to gather up more reviews and other things. And all of these things are going to lead to you getting the click or the call and getting the job. And in some cases, some of these jobs are really worthy of getting.

So, you know, we'll, we'll dive into that here shortly, but some of the reasons you want to make sure you get all of these things done, including verifying and claiming your profile is. You could get hit with a troll and what I call these internet trolls or people are scumbags rather than have nothing better to do than to Jacqueline if you online and what they hear, some of the things they could do if you have not claimed and verified your listing.

If you climb it verify, then nobody's going to be able to get in there unless they've got your access, your password, and everything, but a troll could actually claim it, verify your ID. Then he could go in there and put his own telephone number we're in there. And look, I've seen some dirty things in roofing before, so even, um, An unscrupulous competitor could do these things, put his phone number in there.

And some of these trolls, they could even put a porn site in the, in the section for the website address, just to embarrass you. That's what these trolls do now, unscrupulous competitors. They are here to steal your leads, which is just plain and simple, just still. So these are some of the reasons that you got to get these things done.

So once you get your services built out, Then you want to jump into, and everybody's not going to have this in their dashboard, but you want to make sure that you build out your products section. And here is another, the place that you can really talk to a prospect, a lead, or even a client that is in your pipeline.

Now they're looking at possibly upgrading. So you want to talk about that hip and Ridge shingle. You won't talk about that. Synthetic fail. You want to talk about these things so you can upsell your client and upselling and I've had, I've seen some people talk about, Oh, well that's just ripping somebody off.

No, it's not, you know, upselling, you're going to make more money, but you're your pro if I had a better product in the end for that client. So just think about the guy, the salesman that never mentioned anything about the three-tab on the hips and ridges. They don't ever mention the fact that they could put a nice hip and Ridge on there and get a one 30 warranty, whim warranty all the way across that route. But instead, they stay cheap. Cause they're scared you're gonna lose a deal. And now you're doing a disservice to your client. So we want to talk about these things and that Google my business profile.

And you got a Q and a section in that Google my business profile too. That's not heavily used in roofing yet, but it is used. So you want to do, what's called seed that you want to go ahead and get in there and put questions, but you want to make sure that you're in as not your business Gmail account, you wanna make sure you use a different account.

It can be a Hotmail or Yahoo account. It doesn't really matter, but you want to make sure that you're not using your company. Email address to seed a question. Then you want to come in and answer it as the company. And the reason you want to do this is one trolls, a hit you with stupid stuff. Sometimes when you don't, they'll do stupid things and ask stupid questions about you.

Hours and other things. And those things were really hard to get down from, for Google. And as of November the fifth, 2019, it's hard to get a negative review down. It has flat out, got to be, you gotta prove that as political you've gotta prove that it's racist. You gotta prove that it's hate. Those were about the only three reasons that you can get a negative review down now, you know, but prior to that, I could get.

Most, well, I say most I probably get 80% of them down. So these are the things that you really want to pay attention to and be prepared for it. Now, before I wrap this podcast up on this, uh, number three podcasts, I promised you I was going to talk to you about a GMB lead and what could have happened if there was spam going on in a local pack.

So let's talk about riff crafters right quick down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I got two locations, Baton Rouge and one in Hammond. And the reason they opened at Baton Rouge was simply to get in the local back over there. So this was a Hammond lead and it came in through the GMB and this was nothing special.

It was a nice little GACO coding job on some storage units. So nothing spectacular, but that's pretty good. A little child there. And when it was all said and done, the net profit came down to $40,000. On top of a great commission for the salesman. Now, had there been some guys in there maybe even just one spamming, he could have gotten that job from roof rappers and I'm on, I've got screenshots in the video and on the, on the blog posts on the website to show exactly where this thing came from, how many leads, because of that particular month.

Ruth Craft has got 43 GMB leads. Now that's not phone calls, guys. That is 43 books. I'm Dan O run a demo lead and you should even have even a weak sales machine somewhere around there. Third of those closed. So hopefully I'm starting to get across just how big your GMB is or could be. If you start learning more about it and make sure that you are in it is really critical.

And then some of the podcasts coming up, we're going to talk about ways that you build strength in your GMB. So even in a lot of cases, the spammers can't touch it. If you're strong enough. So hang with me necessaries and where you're going. By the time we get done, you're going to be an absolute GMB pro.

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