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raisetherank's podcast

Nov 30, 2020

Welcome to Raise the Rank digital marketing podcast, just for roofers, get marketing tips and strategies from Chuck Magee, digital marketer, and roofing company owner. Let's start leveling up your roofing company with entrepreneurs that practice what they preach and live, what they teach.

Okay. In today's podcast, we're going to go over what you want your client to say in a Google review. Somebody. Texted me yesterday through group me, they were coaching their clients on what to say. And they were asking me what keywords were good to get declined to put in there. So, let's, let's talk about what keywords we would like to say.

Our clients put in there, why those were important and what's the best way to go about getting them to do that. So, Let's go over first, the things that are good to be in there. So the salesman's name is an excellent keyword to be in a review company name, the type of project. Is this a new roof or is this a roof repair?

How was the experience? Okay. That is very important right there. The experience, the word experience, the type shingle installed at the end of the project by then, they're going to well know that they got CertainTeed or Owens Corning or whatever shingle you installed. What type of repair was done, if it was a repair, was it skylight repair?

Where did you put some Velux skylights up there? Did you put some V-Loc sun tunnels up there? So what was the actual project? What was the actual repair? And let's drill down a little bit and get them to simply explain the process. So why is the salesman's name important? Okay. That is an online reference sheet.

You probably, if you've watched much of my stuff, you heard me talk about this. You can do a screenshot and print those out and put them in your folders or whatever type of lead you have. And I would most certainly if I was a roofing salesman, I would be. Doing a screenshot and making sure that my clients saw that that is you can't hope they go through and read them because, you know, Google, you should put reviews in order, but they don't anymore.

So if you've got to review this a great review, that's got your name in it and it's three months old. They may or may not see that. So I would print those out and get them to my client, the company name. Why is that important? Anytime you can get the company name in there. That's going to be important for Google as a ranking signal.

When they're scraping all these reviews and everything, they scraped everything on the website. There is nothing on the web, the internet that Google doesn't see. So the company name is extremely important. What about the project? Okay. The same thing here, ranking signals. And it matters when somebody is looking up a roof, a new roof, a roof repair, whatever their project might be.

We've got guys that are doing all kinds of things more than just roofs and deciding and gutters, windows, and stuff like that. So get them to talk about these things. And this is all going to help as people are doing their Google searches, the word experience. Why is that so important? Okay. Google is after experience, period, whether it be page experience, when they're on a website, the experience with you, it was great.

It was awesome. Whatever the attribute there might be, but the word is experiences. What Google's after they want to serve their customer with the very best company that they possibly can be. And I'll be it. Everybody's got some heartburn with Google. That is something that they hold true to. And that is a fact that they want the best roofing company to be serving their customers.

So the word experience is great. The type of shingles. Okay. Well, if somebody is looking up Owens Corning, shingles, or CertainTeed shingles, these keywords in your reviews are going to be important. Okay. Now the type of repair let's get back to. Are you doing a Valley? Okay. If we've got a $3,000 repair going on that person's going to be proud of what's going on.

So less educate that client. I've always said an informed client is a happier client. So as you're talking to them about the project, get into the details about what goes into a Valley. There's a lot to do with repair and a Valley tearing the Valley out and repairing it. There's a lot of material going in there.

So you can talk about all these things. The same thing would feel like skylights that that's not going to be a cheap repair or installation, whatever you want to call it. It could be either one same thing with the sun tunnels. I've seen clients get eight, nine, 10 of those things. So let's talk about these things and those are great keywords when somebody else is looking that up now, how do we go about getting them.

The client to put these words in there that we want them to do. Let's walk them through the process. You know, just like somebody was texting me yesterday, coaching them. Okay. We, you can call it whatever you want, coaching them, educating them, informing them. Let's get them to walk through the process.

Let's get on to the. Let's talk about the day they met you and let's say, Hey, can you put my name in there by now? If you guys crushed it for them, they're going to love you. And they'll want to do that for you. So get them to say yes, a salesperson X was on time and they were great and all this and get them to walk through meeting you all the way to the final cleanup.

And let's, let's just go through a quick one. That's not very long. I see in re respond to reviews much longer than this all the time. This is a pretty good one. And you can just kind of use this and you can even leave them an example if you want. But David came out quickly provided me with a fair roof estimate.

The price was competitive. So we went with company X, the roofing crews showed up on time when they said they would and did the job in one day. We love our new certainty roof. No more ugly black streaks, like so many roofs in my neighborhood company. X was great in our experience was excellent. We highly recommend company X.

Okay. That is a good review right there. And it is full of keywords and attributes. Attributes are going to be things like quickly on time prompt, things like that. Keywords are going to be Owens Corning, roof, certainty, roof, new roof, roof repair, the Lux skylights. Those are the things that you want in there.

And then of course it just wraps it into a little, just a short paragraph and you can just tell them that, just do me one short paragraph, and then they'll take it from there. So walk them through the process, coach them on what went on during the project and get them to simply say what the project was and how it went.

What was the ask them? What was your experience and ask them to put that down. On a Google review for you? Uh, hope this helped. And as always, if anybody has any questions, you can always contact me. I love talking about this stuff and anybody that's been around me or seen anything that I do knows that Google reviews or my number one, focus.

So again, just, if you have any questions, please get in touch with me.


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