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raisetherank's podcast

Jan 18, 2021

Today let's talk today about reviews.

Google reviews in particular because of how important they are. Uh, but you know, Facebook reviews too, but you know, reviews are so important and that's one of the things that we want to talk about today in SSA, uh, how we can set you up with one of our raise, the right features to help get that automated for you.

So it's integrated into SSA. It is our raise the rank. Google and Facebook review platform, we call it Review Us. And it's a button in your workflow in SSA. So when you finish that job with all the information that you've already entered, when you've put first, put the lead in there, the phone number and the email address, cause that's two ways we're going to communicate with the client about a review.

Once you hit that button, you just verify that it's in the right place, the right cell phone field, and then you just click that button to send it to your client. And it's going to give an automated. A platform to help get that Google review. So we've got a template in there to help them go to Google, go to Facebook, or you can, if you want to use Yelp or some of the other ones, you certainly can.

But, you know, today in today's roofing world, you can build a business around Google reviews, you know, Facebook, okay. We can, we can get into that conversation too, and it does help, but Google sees a Facebook review kind as a mention, and it's the same thing if your company name is in a newspaper article, Google is actually going to see that and you guys may have heard of what's called backlinks, but you know, there are backlinks, but Google also looks at mentions nowadays, too.

So, if you do get a review on Facebook or you do get your name mentioned in a local paper, say you sponsored a little league team or whatever the case may be. All these things are really important, but the number one thing that's important to Google is the number of reviews. So if, if you're, you know, if your company has only got five or six reviews and say, one of them is bad because you know, you don't have to ask somebody to put a bad review on there that they get mad for whatever reason.

They're going to hunt you down on Google and put that on there. So you need to be out there watching your reputation as management reputation management. And that is one of the things that we do at Raise the Rank. But one of the things that can help your roofing company is the review us. In your SSA account.

And you know, you can talk to Brandon about that. You can talk to me about that and talk to Vicky about that, but it is huge. Now, if you want to grow your roofing business, you have absolutely got to grow your Google reviews. And this is one of the best ways that we know how to do that. You can get that platform with SSA.

That is one of the very few things. That's actually, uh, an extra cost, but at some point, you might even want to Raise the Rank to actually manage that for you, but you can start. That's one of the things that you can certainly do yourself, but with this platform, you can hand out business cards, it'll have a text back phone number.

You can get analytics out of it. There's, there's a lot of cool things that you can do, but the main thing is. And SSA, you can click that review us button, and it's going to make anywhere from three to five attempts. I typically like to hold that to three, you don't want to beat them to death over review.

You do want to make several attempts at it. In our process, it's a one-click to unsubscribe and get out of it. So, you know, you should not aggravate anybody. If they, if, if you did a good job out there, then you've earned the right to ask for that review. They might not get it. Then I give you exactly what you want.

So we'll talk about that in another podcast about making sure you that you, you break down your process a lot, but this is something that you really need to be doing. It's worth a lecture to get out there and get Google reviews. You can flat out. Beat your competition. If you have a lot of Google reviews, even if you're a younger company.

So you've got to, I've seen this, I've seen a 30 year old company that was beat out by a three-year-old roofing company, simply because they had five times as many reviews. And I say it all the time. The more reviews you have, and of course you want to keep that above a 4.5, 4.6 to 4.8 is really the sweet spot where you want to stay, but you can absolutely.

Beat out bigger companies, if you have more reviews than them. So get in touch with us. Get in touch with me in touch with Brandon, and we'll be happy to talk to you about Google reviews, but in particular, the integration in SSA with Google reviews.