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raisetherank's podcast

Jan 18, 2021

Today we're going to talk about.

Taking e-checks and touchless payments, credit cards, debit cards, and e-checks. This is something that post-COVID has become a bigger thing. Same by clients throughout the SSA community. We're already really gravitating to this, uh, credit cards, obviously. Cause you can get your points and all that kind of stuff.

So people were doing some of that. But today we're going to talk more about each check than we are on credit card and debit cards. But the thing about even taking the credit card, debit cards. You can overcome that 2.5%, 3%. Of course, you got to work that into your price layout, or either you have to tell them that it is a handling fee, not a processing fee.

You've got to be careful with that because if you're with or right-brain, which is PayPal, they will absolutely kick you off their platform for that. But, uh, today less kind of focused on. HX. And the reason we're going to talk about HX is that typically that's going to be a 0.7, 5% fee.

So if you're taking a $10,000 check or a 15 or a 20, you know, average roofing cost today is probably somewhere between 12 and 15, then that fee is going to be something that you could even eat inside of your, if you're profitable, then you can eat that inside of the price of the roof or whatever. Your project might be if there's some siding in there and things like that, and you won't even feel it.

So in SSA, you can do an easy check. A couple of different ways they can log into their client portal, or you can send that invoice out straight out of SSA and they can, there's a secure link there and it'll open up. What if you looked at your client portal side by side. The secure page that they're on.

It looks a lot the same, but at that point, all they have to do is put in their routing number, their account number and verify the amount. And they're good to go. So that is going to actually show up in SSA. Anytime somebody has a balance, do you show him then if you send them an invoice, there's going to be a secure link on there.

If you're configured for that and integrated. So, uh, some of the reasons that I want to talk about that's big, of course, you know, here at SSA is part of the race, the rank. And we do a lot of things for roofing companies, but you need to be taken each act need to be taken credit cards in their cars too because that'll help keep that cash flow coming.

But the check is gonna help get those, uh, reduce those fees. Even if you take a certain amount of money each month on a credit card, debit cards, you can, you know, you can really push with your clients to do each iCheck and then your overall service fees for. Except in all our payments is going to be much lower.

So the thing is you always want to pick that, check up and try to get that referral. I get that, but you know, in some bigger cities, you know, we have clients in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Louisville, Kentucky, and Oklahoma City, you know, things like this and traffic is a beast. So if. It's going to take you an hour to get over, to just pick up the final check.

You can work with that client by phone and by text messaging by email to try to get that referral and that review. But the main thing is to get that check. So that's something that, uh, has been a big focus, especially their COVID's also, people are looking for fewer touchpoints in a roofing company.

That's not really what you're looking for because you want to interact with that client and you want to. Go face to face with them as much as you can build that rapport. And hopefully, you're, you'll crush it when you put the roof on there and they'll want to give you that review and that referral. So those are two of the big things, uh, cashflow, good experience for the client.

And fewer touchpoints. Those are some of the things and some of the reasons why you want to take each X credit card and debit cards, uh, and SSA. Let's talk about the invoicing, the statement right quick. So we were talking about, you could, in SSI, you can have on one project, you can have a hundred invoices.

If you want. Then at the end of that time, you can send out a statement that will show. Uh, if there's any kind of balance due and then that you can get that payment, then if it's paid in full, so you've got three invoices or say, you've got it. Okay. Condo that you've got going, and there are 20 different units in there.

You can send out 20 different invoices and then send that final statement out. So they have all of their payments back and forth, and everything will be organized for you inside of SSA, as accounting, and as well as for whoever you're working for, whether it's apartments, condos, or just a one-off. Single residential home.

So one last thing that we're going to talk about own HX, touchless payment, credit cards, invoicing, and statements out of SSA is going to be, there's no need to invoice out of QuickBooks. And the reason for that is SSA is going to organize everything for you and your accounting on that particular job, you're going to be able to invoice.

Straight out of the accounting. And the cool thing is when they make that payment, SSA is actually going to download all of that information into your accounting on that job. So if you say you took a $5,000 payment upfront and you take a $7,000 payment to finish it up and they do that by each check, it's going to automatically put that into your job.

Accounting in SSA. And it's going to automatically obviously put that into your checking account once it goes through the process. So get gateway, let's get with me or Brandon, and we'd love to do a demo with you and show you all the features and functions in SSA. We were focusing on each check, touchless payment, and invoicing today.

So give us a call for a demo.