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raisetherank's podcast

Feb 1, 2022

Okay. Today's video is all about reviews. Responding to reviews and what reviews will do for your business. You know, I've said it for years, you can build a great roofing company, remodel company off the backbone of Google reviews. And today what we're going to do is go over the bright local. And let me just give you a quick background, who bride locally as they're one of the top sources for reviews and they have a ranking tool.

On the planet. So they keep their nose in it and give a ton of information out all throughout the year. And this is their local consumer review survey results for 2022. And I'm going to break this down for you today. It may take a couple of videos, but I'm gonna try to squeeze it into, to this one because some of these statistics are going to be just blowing.

And this first one is one of the first ones that is just Saturday. Check this out. Okay. More consumers are rating online reviews, never before. I'd say they are in 20 21 7. And this is last year, 77%. Always regularly read a review when looking for a local business. And check this out. That is up from 60% in 20, 21 year.

You're up 17%. So are we starting to get it? Power, power, power. I'm going to go quickly through some of the ones that are not as big of deal, like right here, you know, 67% of people will live in Ruby for a positive experience. 40 for not. 89% of consumers are highly or fairly likely to use a business that responds to all of their online reviews.

That's one of the things that we talk about in your Google review management is you need to be responding to every single Ruby. Doesn't matter if it's a five-star three-star. Obviously you to pick that phone up and try to talk to those people and get that one up. But you see what the power is of just responding to it.

It's the way you respond to leaving them. One is fine if you respond to it, right. Okay. Check this one out 57% of people say they would not very likely or likely use a business that does not respond to reviews at all. And most, and this is most companies that I see don't respond to reviews. So if you're not responding to reviews, you see just how strong that is.

And that, that response is what you look for. Yeah. You want to say thank you to the person that bought a row for a remodel or whatever from me, but you also may remember the main person you're talking to is the lead that you're trying to. Alright, now let's get to the grill. More consumers, use Google to evaluate local businesses than ever before.

Check this 20, 21, 80 1%. But the year before that it was just 63. Google is a behemoth. They been a behemoth and I believe it, or not 10 years ago, let years ago Google reviews were really not a thing, but when. Kicked it in and said, we're fixing the ticket and they took it and you can see right now that is a huge number right there.

So I would expect that growth, obviously you can't keep growing at that rate, but I would expect that growth to still be extremely strong. Okay. This is one that a year or two ago was a really big. People wanted to see fresh reviews. So they wanted to see a review from this week, last week. Uh, millennials would worst about that, but as you can see right now, that number has dropped from 50% to 22%.

So the freshness of the review is not as important as it was just a year or two ago. Now, let's talk about that star rate, check this one out just 3%, 3%. I mean, that matters when I'm talking about anybody said they would consider using the business with an average star rating of two or fewer stores.

That's down from 14%. So the power of the star rating is also getting really strong, too. Okay. Now let's talk about a question that I get asked all the time. Uh, 62% of people say they've seen a fake review for a local business in the past year. Yeah. They probably have of some sort. I have guys ask me all the time.

These guys bought me a negative review, gave me an it or either they bought themselves positive reviews. Well, there's really not much you can do about that. There is a resource out there that can actually track down these reviews. Not just to the IP, but they, they really dig deep and, uh, it's a paid report.

But even with that, it's still hard to go to Google and get those down. But the thing is, you just have to have reviews and you're going to see some, some people still buy. But Google is getting better and better at catching that. And if they get caught by them, very likely that they're going to lose their Google business profile.

And if you lose it for that, you you'll never get it back. So now let's just talk about a few trends before we get too long here. Let's talk about what this all boils down to. Okay. Now I actually got asked this question. Should I get a review on Angie? Okay, well, let's take a look at where are people going to look at a business?

Check this out. Consumer use of Google to evaluate a local businesses jumped from 63% last year to 81%. This year, 2021. Now that's going to jump again in 2022. So Yale, I, you know, I contend that Yelp is not thing and roofing and remodeling reviews don't even count unless you're what they call it. A Yelper that you use it all the time.

So I certainly would not even worry about Yelp, but I would be concerned about. Apple, I've done a video about that. And so you need to put that one on your radar, but check this out. Consumer use of Facebook to evaluate local businesses and dropped from 54%, 48%. Okay. 13% used apple. Okay. You're going to see that number.

Over the next five years. And that's why I say you need to put this one on your radar and start getting a few of them, the real easy for somebody to leave one. And if you've got a couple, which you know, people more willing when they go to jail, they're going to leave a bathroom you need anyway. So if you've got a few Yelp reviews out there, if you'll go and get some apple map reviews, and I don't know how many, I certainly get over five.

But the apple reviews will take precedence over the actual Yelp because apple uses Yelp as of right this minute in a lot of markets in a lot of cases. But if you go get a handful of apple maps, Reviews, which is basically a thumbs up thumbs down. I think that may have a couple of attributes, but you can get rid of.

So I would encourage you to get out there to get your handful of these. But the biggest takeaway today is I want you to, to know about responding to the reviews. You see how big that is, and you see who the gorilla in the room is that will beat you over there. If you don't have many reviews, or if you have bad reviews, this is where you're going to build your business.

The most in the market is what you want to go for, but get you a consistent. Review acquisition, Google causes the velocity, you know, whether that's foul 10 a month, whatever that case might be. But you can see right now just how powerful Google is. And the reason I'm really drive this point, home is Google is power Google.

You can build a business, a successful business. Around good Google. So I want to leave it at that. I'm starting to get kind of long and really have you been tore into these statistics? I'll do another video for another week, but you can see the power of Google and that's what I wanted to leave you with today.

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Thanks and see.