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raisetherank's podcast

Dec 29, 2021

Okay. Today, we are going to talk about some things that are happening with Google, my business, or some major things going on with some major things coming, some things that you need to know about because of reviews, messaging, things like that. So I'm just, uh, you know, I've kinda got a short list today, but what I'm fixing to go through are really, really important because you don't want to miss.

Reviews, and you certainly don't want to miss messages. It's important to respond to reviews and supports and respond to messages. Cause not responding to messages even timely. Google will turn that off and there is no way for you to turn that back on. So. The first thing is Google. My business is no more, so it is not going away, but this is, I don't know, fourth, maybe fifth time that Google was reunited.

It is now Google business profile. And if you've watched any of my videos or listen to any of my podcasts, you've heard me refer to. It was a profile for years, actually. So that's kind of what it is. It is your business program. So it kinda made sense, but Google my business by CSA. So I started off, you know, years ago, places, Google maps.

So this is just one more iteration of that. So the name is different, so it is from GMB to GB P and that's going to be a tough one to, to try to remember. I'm sure it'll be called Google my business GMB for years. So that's the first thing. But with this new change and I'm sure they changed the name of it, the cause of some of these things that they're fixing to take the app is going away.

So if you use the app to respond to reviews and to respond to messaging that is fixing to be no more. Also this one is on player. If you have multiple locations, It's not clear if you're going to be able to keep the desktop dashboard not. So I am, you're sitting there going, okay. Well, how do you respond to reviews and how do you respond to messages?

Okay. That's a new question that is actually going to be done through the maps out from now. So I've got an almost screen. You're going to see that. Uh, location root crackers has got three current locations, and you're going to see a couple that we have more disabled, a matter that's old locations, and one other businesses was used years in the past.

So this is what a dashboard looks like when you have multiple locations. And if you guys have multiple locations, not, I have a lot of clients. Multiple locations, that dashboard is most likely not going to go away. Now that's not a hundred percent given, but as of right now, that's what we're being told in mark.

So with the app going away, I'm going to roll some screenshots through here for you.

Okay. I'm going to do a quick audio edit when watching this with Ben, both of us felt that I was being unclear. I mean, I want to make this clear to you guys that what you're seeing on the screen right now is two different icons.

One from the out and one from the maps now. What beans got rolled through here on the bottom, the maps out. That's what is going to go away? This is not going to look the same. And I don't know when, but in the next few months, this will not look the same. So what is going to be left is the maps. The Google maps out on the top of this message right here is what's going to be left.

That's what you're going to see every time right now, Google. Sin and bow through. And like I say, I said earlier in the podcast, you can possibly answer from either one, if you're not logged into multiple accounts, but if you're logged into multiple accounts, then very likely you're going to be like me.

And you're only going to be able to use that. The GMB app right this minute. But again, I want that to be clear that that is going away. And the only notification that you're going to see is what you're seeing on the top, which you can close say that that is the Google maps out icon. Okay. While I'm making edits in here, let me go ahead and add, just so I'm really clear on this, as far as making edits to your business and doing things like responding to reviews and things like that.

It's not just the app itself. Anytime you're in. You should see if you're logged in, you should see an icon that says you manage this movement. Google is going to want you to do that straight from either the Google search or either the maps app. So I just wanted to throw that in there. Make sure that you understand you can do.

Uh, obviously they want you to do it in the maps app, but you also


do that in

Chuck: local search. So you just type your name in and boom. You can

manage some point in 20, 22 and Google navigation that day. They're going to do anything. Cause they, they always moved around. But somewhere, I would think in certain, the first six months, maybe in the first three months in a year, the Google, my business app is going to go away.

So at that point, and right now, if you have multiple locations and the reason I can't show some of this as I have so many Google, my business locations logged into my, I can't, I can't my Google maps. Well, not show me the message or the review simply because it probably doesn't know where to go to, to get it.

Cause I got so many I'm logged into, but on yours it should take you to it. When you click on, it could still be a book. You know, Google throws things out there and they fix them on the fly and they just don't care what works and what doesn't work this just Googles. So I am going to show you now what a Google maps.

Message looks like. And then when I do that, finish that, I'm going to show you what a Google, my business app message and review looks like, then we're going to roll through here. And we're going to show you what it looks like when it pops up from your Google email that they sent you. So these are the things that you need to be looking for.

And right now you can still click on the app, GMB out. And it's going to take you in there and it's going to let you respond to that message. Just let you respond to that with me, but be prepared to wake up and that not be a thing anymore. Of course I'll. As soon as I know that it happened. I will immediately do a podcast and the video, so you'll know, but even doing that, you know, it takes a couple of days to do these and get it ready to go out.

So there could be some confusion there for a couple of days. And Google also typically does not roll things out when and why they roll them out in regions. Even through the U S and Canada, it could be rolled out completely in the U S and Canada all at one time. And it, they may roll it out across the country.

I mean, it just. On what kind of problems like sitcom. So these are the main things I wanted to talk about, but there could be some, you know, some other side things that come down with this and if it is, I'll do a follow-up podcast. And did he, uh, so if anybody has any questions about this, you know, you can always reach out to me in me or somebody on my staff.

I typically talk about Google, my business, Google business. So feel free to reach out to us now about answering some questions, you know, for a deeper dive or once this thing actually hits. And if you have problems and you can't get to a review, you can't get to a message. I typically recommend that you turn your messaging onus, moving away that Google might give you more business.

You just, there's no way to really know that. Uh, it is good for the client, your recalls. So I would recommend that if you can respond to it in a timely manner, can't, don't do it because you don't want local tournament off on me. So if anybody's got any questions as always reach out to me,

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