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Oct 6, 2021

Welcome to raise the rank digital marketing podcast, just for roofers, get marketing tips and strategies from Chuck Magee, digital marketer and roofing company owner. Let's start leveling up your roofing company with entrepreneurs that practice what they preach and live, what they teach.

All right, Brandon, this is going to wrap up our series that we started to do series because we're talking about things that are really important to phone furrows reviews and things like that, lead nurturing. Um, and it meant it was, there's been some good stuff going on for the last handful of weeks here.

And today, we're going to talk about wrapping up the series. We can talk about automated. If it were us and SSA that is called review us, you just click a button and it's going to be an automated platform. That's going to make at least three attempts. You can make it do seven, but I recommend three to five.

It's going to help you get that Ravina an automated platform is not going to be the be all and end all. I've had guys tell me, well, I just don't do a very good job of getting reviews. Well, if you're going into it and that's what you think, then you're probably not going to do a very good job of it. But according to Google, the number one reason that people do not leave reviews is because they were not asked.

And for some crazy reason, that percentage even goes up when you're talking about ladies. So the number one thing you got to remember ask for the. But if you wait until that job is completed, you waited too long, your odds, your odds of getting that review and referral dramatically went down. You've got to, when you start talking about that in your warmup, you know, you prep that client.

If I, if, if I do a good job, if we do this, we want to set that expectation and that bar high, because if we don't meet that expectation is high. As we sit there. Well, one, do we truly, did we earn how much we charged him if we're high. And then we certainly, aren't going to get the review. Remember back in one of these podcasts we talked about, do you really have a five-star process?

You need to really analyze that. Be honest with yourself, don't have process blindness. It's like, well, we're the best, you know, I've, I've talked to some guys and I'm going, do you hear yourself? You're you're mad at the client. You got to remember the client's always right. Uh, some classes are going to be hard to deal with.

That's true enough. But did you give them a reason to have a problem? You've got to look at that and I don't care how great you are. You've got holes in your process. You don't even know it. You've got to constantly be breaking down that process, tearing it apart. Weekly meets art. Well, what's going on?

What are we seeing? Getting feedback from these clients, talking to your. This stuff is important. If you don't cover those things, then you're going to have a process blindness and you're going to have problems and you're going to have problems getting reviews, but you got to start asking for that review way up front, all the way through it, as you're dealing with that.

Prep them for that review and that referral. And then the automated process is going to really help because let's face it. You're not always going to catch them at the perfect time to sit down and write. I have meant to write reviews all the time and I just didn't, I couldn't get to it at that particular moment.

And they never asked. But I have followed up and done a mini a review when they asked me. And then a few days later I get a text message or an email and says, oh yeah, man, I forgot to do that. That guy was great. I need to give him a review. Boom. There comes a Ruby. So it's the same thing. Only referrals, you know, that it leaves us to following up.

Do you ever follow up for the referrals? So Brandon you've been on the ground even more than me. I've been in the office a lot. So let's talk about, uh, how you go about it and what your concerns are when you're getting that repeat because they are critical. And here's my thing. If you can get your name in the reviews, you can get yourself an online reference sheet.

You can print it off and put it in your lay behind as you can, uh, class are gonna read it, put

Brandon: it in your drip, drip campaign.

Chuck: That's correct. We do that. So talk, talk about what you're seeing out there. As far as getting reviewed,

Brandon: you covered some good stuff. I think something that a lot of roofers for sure.

And people in general, you know, companies across the board, but businesses, small businesses, but roofers, I feel they have, we have a hard and I'm going to group myself. Well, we've had, we have a hard time, you know, looking at it from the homeowner side, you know, we really got to look at it from the homeowner's perspective when we're talking about these reviews.

And like you said, you can't wait till the end to ask for a review. You know, you don't wait till the end to say, Hey, look, if I did a great job, tell the world about me. Now that expectation is so critical. And when you set it up front, they never stop thinking about it. And you got to hit them a few times with it, you know, let them know, you know, something, we used to have fun with it.

Chuck we'd be in the field and we'd set that expectation and say, Hey. Yeah. When we were knocking doors, I worked with a lot of guys. We were all the time. We would work in the same neighborhood and we had a lot of fun trying to get these reviews and knocking and getting referrals. And I remember, you know, the homeowner they'd like to tell you something, you know?

Well, that, that was really nice or, oh, I really appreciate that. We'll make, Hey, make, you know, make sure you put that in the review, make sure you put the, make sure you get that in the review for us. You know, when we get done with this, they love that. They love those little, those little pokes, you know, and I think that stuff is, is crucial.

Having a five-star process and following up with it and pointing it out through the process and making sure that you keep those reviews relevant through the full process. So at the end you want that homeowner sitting there saying crap, he must be about to ask me for that review again. I mean, that's what I want, but you want them to be ready to give it to you.

And just like you say, I think we don't the follow-up game is we, you know, we don't put ourselves in the position of the homeowners, but they didn't leave us a review. I don't know what I could have done. Well, they were busy, man. They just had a new roof on the house. They got a baby, the wife's in the hospital that we got COVID going on.

The world's on fire. They didn't leave you a review because they just didn't sit down. Like you said, let's follow up. Let's get back with them. Another big thing I hear across the board is that clients who don't have a Google. Email a Google account. You know, it's difficult to get those clients who are not logged into their Google account to leave a review whenever the reviews are sent out, but you can actually go to Google maps and you don't have to be, you don't have to have a Google account.

You don't have to be logged into a Google account. You can go into Google. Find the business that you're wanting to leave the review for, go into it from there, and then want to ask you to log in and it'll leave your information all at the

Chuck: same. There's another thing too, in our system, we'll do this. You can leave our first party reviewed and that means you're leaving it on your particular website and then it will follow up after you have done your review.

So you do you want to post this on Google? At that point. Yeah. It, at that point it will post it on Google. So, you know, it's not perfect. And there are some, some situations where, you know, in, in a lot of cases, some older people, they, they don't do Facebook and they don't have a Google account. You're going to run into that.

But that's pretty rare. It, matter of fact, I had client out of Memphis where the lady emails. Of course that those automated systems come back to my email. At some point, she actually wrote it out and send it in as an email because she couldn't get it into Google. So, you know, we'll take that and we'll post it on his, um, his website.

So at the end of the. We're still gonna use it, but it's funny, she thought enough about this client that she wanted that to be known. So

Brandon: that's amazing. Yeah, that's

Chuck: good. Yeah, it really is. So, yeah, but that might apply it for them is absolutely going to help you. But again, it's setting the expectations, set the bar high.

Complete your tasks and do everything that you said, and then go pick up your money with pride and ask for, be proud to ask for the review and the referral, because if you do a good job, you should be proud of it. You know, whenever we do things, we do it well. We tend to be proud of it. I want to show it off and nothing's more satisfying than doing a really good job and getting a good review from

Brandon: it.

No doubt. And you know, and then getting that referral, I feel that a lot of, a lot of time is missed working to get referrals. So, you know, we focus on the phones and of course we do, and door knockers are going to the next store, canvassers that are moving on. Um, but going after these referrals, statistically, to, if you get three referrals, uh, three Google leads, you're going to close one of them.

But statistically, if you get three referrals, you're going to close two to three of those referrals and not count on door knocks. You know, you can knock 10 doors, get one, two people at home, one person not willing to let you inspect the other that's willing. And then you're not. There you are. When no damage after 10 doors.

Where three referrals or three, two to three close deals, you know, so I, I feel like the referrals, there should be a lot of time, extra time spent because they're extra good. There's a lot more there than your average deal. Um, and, and again, you're going to get that. Reviews from a referral. It's a lot, much easier for you to leave her for, and then you're gonna get more

Chuck: referrals, more referrals.

You got to look at a review and a referral is kind of like compound interest. I mean that that's going to keep building and building and building on itself for you and as an individual salesmen or PM and for the company. So, yeah, it's just going to bring in more

Brandon: so compound interest at a rate that we can negotiate.

So if we work hard at it, we can negotiate that. To be sooner than later, and it can come faster if we do a good job. And we asked for these referrals and we push these reviews, we can get that sooner. And that rate goes up and up and up. So that's a good way to put it. But I think that that rate can be adjusted depending on how hard we work at and how much focus we put into the.

Chuck: Well, this was good stuff. And we're going to move into some other things, you know, here next week and probably some Google my business and some things that, uh, you know, w we've talked about the phone. So we're going to back that up a little bit, and we've got to make the phone ring. So we're going to talk about the things.

We're going to make the phone ring and even get us to this series. And it's all important. You know, you can't have one without the other. If you don't get the call, then it doesn't matter how you handle a call. So you've got to get the call. Well, well, how do we get the call and what do you do to, to actually get the call?

So we're going to jump into a series and, you know, I love talking about Google my business, cause it's just extremely. You could talk about it for any vertical, but we're talking about roofing and the Google. My business is the absolute, most important thing that you can be working at your, at your business.

And it's hard to key. It's hard to do that yourself, but we're going to talk about it. The things you do you can do as a, as a busy business owner. So let's jump into that one next week. Brandon. Let's just absolutely go over that. What do we do to make that phone ring?

Brandon: I can look at anybody out there that's listening and that they're unsure.

They, they want a second opinion. Put smiles on their, their Google, my business, uh, Chuck or myself. We both handle that. So we can break that GMB down, take a look at where you're at, you know, take a look at where you want to go and let you know what's in between there.

Chuck: And the thing is it's easy to make a misstep in there.

If you're, you know, I've been doing this at this point for 21 years, but it's, it's easy to make a misstep in there. Throw things off killed, same thing as running Facebook, paid ads. You know, we've seen guys target California by mistake and be in Louisiana. So, you know, things happen. And I see guys that have the YouTube channel all the time, they said to the main countries, Afghanistan, and it was cause it was number one on the list they did.

He didn't mean to click it. They just saved it by accident. So, you know, little things like that, sometimes a pair of eyes that are trained in. Thanks. So yeah, we will absolutely help you. And again, we get on a mass amount of information away for free. So we, we love it. We love helping, you know, and it, at the point where it makes sense for us to step in and become a pay client, then man, that's awesome.

But we're here to help until that day comes. All right, Brandon. So this has been awesome. I've enjoyed the series, so let's, let's jump into some GMB next week. Sounds good.

Brandon: I'll see you next week.

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